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Eleanor was born in Scotland into a family with a natural understanding of the unseen world, and has forged a deep personal relationship to the realms of Creation. Her ancestry worships and embraces the power of nature and through this, Eleanor draws on the currents of Creation, to assist with her readings and sessions.


Eleanor has experienced a diverse life through her many travels, journeys and encounters. Traversing through many joyful and impactful events alike, this expansive path has lead Eleanor towards honing her abilities and capacity as a channel for these realms.


Driven by an inner knowing and curiosity, Eleanor’s journey has always led her to new learnings and understandings, outside of conventional western paradigms. Delving into numerous modalities across various faiths, practices, cultures and hands on teachings, has provided her with insight and experience into psycho-spiritual matters. Through this right of passage, Eleanor has come to define Source for herself. Whatever modality she calls upon, her empathic self is bound to her essence and is an intrinsic part of her being that shapes her offerings and her life.


During a reading, when connecting to the Currents of Creation, I feel the presence of my clients unresolved emotional pain and story and I empower them to find connection, comfort and resolution within. Sessions together are founded on mutual respect, free will and creating a safe space together. I work with the past, present and future and can support with moving what is hindering your body, mind and spirit. Clarity of self, organic embodiment of their authentic selves and soul integration is my offering.

Eleanor’s formal studies have included various forms of yoga in Mexico, Canada, USA, Scotland and Australia; Traditional Thai Massage in Thailand, Canada and Australia; Shamanic practices in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico; ThetaHealing®‚ in Australia, Indonesia and Mexico; and meditation and emotional resilience techniques in Australia and the USA.

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