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‘Each session assists a person to unlock their inner knowing and can ease movement towards energetic wholeness’

Each reading is tailored to your individual needs and desires.


     •  an interpretation or validation of your spiritual path.  

    •  closure following the death of a loved one.  

    •  guidance from Spirit.  

    •  energetic healing or healing support.

You may not be sure where your life is headed.

You may be worried about family members. 

You may be experiencing difficulties at work and need some insights. 

Your intuition may be nudging you about important relationships.

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An integrative vibrational reading is incredibly powerful and differentiates my work from other practitioners.

What this means is that I tune into a client's individual vibrational frequency in the context of the universal energies that surround them.  Everybody vibrates energetically at a particular frequency.  If you are vibrating at a low frequency your energy will appear dense and your personal issues more challenging.  I work with clients to raise their vibrational energy and guide them to their own awareness. Raising this awareness in themselves allows them to feel lighter and brings clarity within their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

It is important for clients to have already journeyed or are completing some form of therapeutic or reflective inner work before we begin sessions.  

I offer sessions in French, Spanish and English


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