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I have been a client of Eleanor for the past 5 years. I first came to Eleanor for assistance in finding my voice and establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. What I originally came to her for and what I was actually able to come away with was far greater than what I anticipated. Eleanor has an ability to receive multiple details and validations from Spirit and gift her clients with amazing insights about personal issues. Her gift to her clients is empowering them to find resolution in ways that I certainly would not have thought about without her help. I am very grateful for her wise woman wisdom. I thoroughly recommend having a session with Eleanor, the benefits are still being felt years after our initial consultation.

Sunday Lucia
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Sydney, Australia



Eleanor has saved the lives of those dearest to me. She is truly special and more than of this earth. She provides a connection to and peace with my energetic being, my origin. She has helped me make sense of the ‘unseen’ and progress in my pursuits in the spiritual realm. I am able to connect with my guardians, my angels, my past lives and my purpose.


Washington DC

Eleanor has an amazing energy and intuition with her empathic abilities to read a situation, tap into what is really going on and guide you out. Her ability to coach and support, to restore balance and energy to your Soul is powerful and has helped me on so many levels


Sydney, Australia

I conjured up the courage to find something different and located Eleanor. I truly believe that she has given me my life back; Eleanor has shown me my purpose in this life. I now see the potential life has and I now see things for what they are and how they should be. I am looking forward to living…

Before seeing Eleanor I had struggled for over 10 years, I carried deep wounding that affected every part of my life. I had seen several psychologists and a top psychiatrist from Harvard… all of them were unable to help me and I blamed myself.


Sydney, Australia

I feel lighter, my feet feel amazing. I had a dream where I was back in the relationship and being criticized yet again for something I had done or not done. In my dream, I had the crystal you gave me and took it out and cleared the bad energy from him. Never had a solution before to deal with him in my dreams. Thank you.


I am a mother of adult children and have lived a blessed life. Several years ago our lives became darkened by a slow, invading condition which affected one of my children. It displayed itself as constant anxiety, fear, haunted sleep, chronic head & neck pain, and more disturbingly, insanity. Numerous doctors’ visits could not diagnose or address the condition. We were desperate for answers.

Eleanor, through our great fortune and spiritual guidance, came into our lives. She recognised a presence within our home which attached itself to my child. She did this with no prior knowledge of the situation. She pinpointed events which my child experienced that no one but myself or my child were privy to. Eleanor, through her amazing gift, healed my child and cleared my home of the evil that had entered our lives.



Free of expectations I had booked a session with Eleanor. Little did I know that she possesses a rare talent to communicate with the deceased. First of all, she was not aware that my younger brother had taken his own life. Nor did she know his name, his physique, or his typical prankster character, which she shared with me. Through Eleanor I was able to receive a message from my brother, which resulted in finishing the memoirs I had written, a trilogy that had been waiting to be published.



We may be miles away now but I am so grateful via phone I am still able to keep in touch with Eleanor as she is not just my spiritual practitioner, she is a beautiful human who has been gifted with the power to change people’s lives, and she helped me and still does, not to feel so lost and confused.

Every consultation with Eleanor I am left feeling at peace! She is extremely caring and kind!

Her powers to sync in with my energy are unreal and extremely powerful. Basically, she continuously ‘hits the nail on the head’ with her readings/interpretations. She is an awesome woman and I am forever grateful our paths crossed.



Eleanor helped me gain clarity and perspective when I needed it the most. She helped me through a very difficult time and for this, I thank her deeply.

Perth, Australia


I have worked with Eleanor on and off for nearly 5 years now. Eleanor is a gifted clairvoyant and spiritual guide/healer who brings the highest integrity and intention to her practice. She deeply cares about her clients and has gone above and beyond, quite literally, to assist me in navigating some very challenging and turbulent times. Eleanor is a true and authentic healer and I am forever grateful for her wisdom and guidance. 


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